Domain Evaluation PROCESS

We employ a comprehensive evaluation framework consisting of 20 distinct sections.

Each assigned a grade from 1 to 20, to meticulously

assess the potential of a domain.


This approach enables us to holistically examine

various facets of the domain, ranging from

descriptive power and adaptability to market trends,

SEO-friendliness, legal considerations, and more.


By assigning specific grades to each criterion,

we ensure a thorough analysis that goes

beyond a mere surface assessment,

resulting in a nuanced understanding of the

domain's strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Mxaxx™ Domain Evaluator

1. Say What It Does

2. Does It Send A Message

3. Is It Adaptable To Markets

4. Strategic

5. Is There A Place For It

6. Is It Distinctive

7. Distinctive But Similar

8. Is It Creative

9. Will It Tweak An Interest

10. Easy To Remember

11. More Than A Word

12. Social Media Term

13. Global Accessibility

14. Not Too Geeky

15. Legal Considerations

16. Scalability

17. SEO-Friendly

18. SEO-Friendly Potential

19. Domain Extension

20. Future Trends

Mxaxx™ Domain Value

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Short Domain Calculator

1. Say What It Does

2. Distinctive

3. Easy To Remember

4. Domain Extension

5. Future Trends

Short Domain Score

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