Mxaxz™ Try & Buy program is a great way to purchase your domain.

This program allows you to start using your domain and generating traffic to your website
while making payments towards ownership.

It's especially beneficial if you don't have the upfront capital to purchase the domain outright.

This program allows you to build up your website and brand while paying off the domain
in manageable installments.

If for any reason you find that the domain isn't a good fit,you can simply return it at the end
of the lease period without having invested a large amount of money upfront.

Own It or Loan It

Negotiate Your Domain
Once you have chosen your preferred domain, submit it to us and we will offer you a purchase price as well as a payment plan that we can both agree on. We offer flexible financing options that can be customized to suit your financial commitments, with available periods ranging from 1 to 5 years for most domains.

Terms and Conditions

We kindly ask that you take the time to thoroughly review and comprehend our terms and conditions.

We are flexible and willing to accommodate most requests to ensure the success of you and your business venture.

Build Your SEO
By leveraging creative SEO, strategically placed display ads, and an active CTC ad systemThis approach can essentially make the domain free, self-sustaining, and provide a positive return on investment., a domain can not only cover its own costs but also generate sustained revenue over time.

Nameservers and Updates

We maintain ownership and control over the domain.

With operational limitations, most can be resolved through respectful negotiations that benefit both parties. We are open to reasonable give-and-take discussions to find mutually agreeable solutions.

Operating The Domain

There are specific rights and restrictions in place regarding what type of content can be uploaded on the website and the use of the domain name.

Adherence to these rules is mandatory, including legal obligations associated with the domain name.

Final Transfer Of Ownership

Once we receive the final payment, the full domain transfer will occur within 30 days. The buyer is fully responsible for all fees associated with the transfer.

Sample Try & Buy Program

A $100,000 Health Domain,
10% Money Upfront

Is $2002.00/month
Or 15.60 Google Ad CPC's

Generate An Average of 15.60 Ad Clicks Per Day
With And AVG CPC Of $4.23
The Ad Clicks Will Pay For the Website

All Try & Buy Domain Programs are subject to Mxaxz™ Terms and Agreements

Try & Buy Mxaxx™ Health Domain

Domain Value $100,000.00

Down Payment % 10.0000%

Down Payment $ $10,000.00

Domain Finance Amnt $90,000.00

Interest – Per Year 12.0000%

Interest – Per Month 1.0000%

Finance Term - Years 5.00

Finance Term - Months 60.00

Pmnts Made 0.00

Pmnts O/S 60.00

Monthly Payment $2,002.00

Monthly % Of Principal 1.2002%

Principal O/S - $ $90,000.00

Principal O/S - % 100.0000%

Interest O/S - $ $30,120.02

Interest O/S - $ 33.4667%

This Payment - $ $1,091.09

This Payment - % 54.5000%

This Payment - % $910.91

This Payment - % 45.5000%



Google© AVG Health CPC $4.22

Ad Clicks – Monthly 474.41

Ad Clicks – Weekly 109.48

Ad Clicks – Daily 15.60