Domain Evaluation PROCESS

We employ a comprehensive evaluation framework consisting of 20 distinct sections.

Each assigned a grade from 1 to 20, to meticulously

assess the potential of a domain.


This approach enables us to holistically examine

various facets of the domain, ranging from

descriptive power and adaptability to market trends,

SEO-friendliness, legal considerations, and more.


By assigning specific grades to each criterion,

we ensure a thorough analysis that goes

beyond a mere surface assessment,

resulting in a nuanced understanding of the

domain's strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Say What It Does

Will the word accurately describe the product or service it represents?


Does It Send A Message

Can the name convey a particular message or feeling to the target audience?


Is It Adaptable To Markets

Can the word be used across different markets and still be relevant in the future?



Will the name align with the overall strategy and vision of the brand?


Is There A Place For It

Will the word fill a gap in the market or help it stand out among competitors?


Is It Distinctive

Is the word unique and recognizable enough to capture market share?


Distinctive But Similar

Is the word distinct but still similar enough to be easily understood?


Is It Creative

Is the word unique and creative enough to capture attention?


Will It Tweak An Interest

Is the word interesting and engaging enough to pique interest?


Easy To Remember

Is the word memorable, spellable, and easy to pronounce?


More Than A Word

Can the word be a term, a phrase, a noun, a verb, and used to describe?


Social Media Term

Will social media utilize it as a term to describe something?


Global Accessibility

Will the chosen domain name be easily understood and pronounced by an

international audience transcending language barriers and cultural nuances?


Not Too Geeky

Cannot be too technical or geeky to be understood or used.


Legal Considerations

Ensure the domain name doesn't infringe on existing trademarks or copyrights.



Will the domain name still be relevant as your brand or project expands?



Does the domain name contain relevant keywords for search engine optimization?


SEO-Friendly Potential

Does the domain, if a portmanteau or slang brand, have the potential to be

easily recognizable and become an SEO-friendly brandable keyword?


Domain Extension

Choose an appropriate domain extension (TLD) that aligns with your brand.


Future Trends

Consider emerging trends and technologies that could impact your industry.